Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's in Your Purse?

Today Stacy Julian had a blog post about "What's in Your Purse?" I admit if I had read this 5 years ago I would have thought 'who cares?' don't you have birthdays and Christmas and Easter and vacation pages to be doing? Now....I love these types of pages. These are some of the things I wonder about my grandma. This is just one of many many purses I own. In my green purse (from Sears) is my green Tommy Hilfiger wallet (from Winner's) my wallet had a super crisp, brand new $10 bill and a really shiny penny. It also has my 4 main cards: debit, personal Mastercard, company gold Mastercard, Costco card. A small calendar, pen, nail file. Keys and cell phone (which is never turned on). Sunglasses. The little black Mary Kay case holds: spare key, retractable measuring tape, nail clippers, ponytail holder, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, lip glosses, lipsticks. Weight Watchers weigh in booklet. Orange mini album with inspirational messages to help me think twice about ordering bad food when I'm out. So that's what is in my purse. What about you?
I ordered 2 shirts from Cafe I think it's cool that I got part of the saying reflected in the camera lens. I also got a yellow shirt with the definition of a photographer on the back and the word photographer on the front. I thought that 'the f stops here' was really cute. It would bring up alot of questions. This one (I have a colorful personality) I could totally see Ms Stacy wearing.

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