Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy June! and a giveaway link

April 18, almost 30C, hot!
The girls ran through the sprinkler! May long weekend a wicked snow storm. June 1 finally into frost free days, bought some bedding plants and tomatoes last weekend. Hopefully summer is on it's way. Hummingbird feeder is out, just not so patiently waiting. Mom has spotted a few already. Slept with quite a few windows open the other night and the furnace didn't kick in! The maple trees are finally starting to leaf out. They are always so late and then lose their leaves the beginning of September.

Shayna reading outside yesterday. The day before she was lying under the trampoline. She's such a bookworm, like me.
Final piano recital. Kira graduated from Music for Young Children, receiving a medal engraved with her name and the year. We had the most phenomenal piano teacher, who is retiring and moving on to new things. I think Kira was kinda ready to be done anyway.

I've been busy doing LOAD again in May, my 4th time. I did do a layout everyday day I didn't get it uploaded because our Internet was down because of the snow storm on May long weekend! Signed up for some summer BPS classes. May's Camp Scrap. Tami's Kidding Around, to do with the girls. Claudine's @ Home with Claudine.
Kira's new flip flops. We are almost wearing the same size!!! She's only 9, I can't take all this growing up.

May 31st brought year end for our company. Now to get the year wrapped up and the books taken off to the accountant. Gotta pay Revenue Canada or they get angry.
Noreen, at Sharing Memories Scrapbooking is doing a giveaway. Check it out.
My scrap space was also posted on her site.
Why is the create new post section a different size than my actual blog? So when I try to get pictures and text all lined up it comes out wrong because they are not the same?! Grr! Even clicking preview in the edit mode is another different version. Also why is the blog part of the blog so skinny?Trying to get this right before the girls come through the door, any second now.


  1. Great photos! Running through the sprinkler on April 18 -- how unusual! The grass wasn't even green yet.