Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter & a class

I've been buying bunches of fresh flowers whenever i get into the city. they just brighten up the house since the dirty snow and brown grass is outside. I always love to take pictures of them. Right now I'm sitting on my bed at 6pm and the sun is full on in here, bright and hot. All the bedrooms in our house fast west but ours is the furthest north and the sun can't reach this far around the house before it sets in the winter. Just my daughters' room furthest south gets a bit of winter sun. It's bright out until 9pm now! And bright when we get up in the morning! LOVE the sunshine. So excited that we gain light for another 3 months! The sun gives me energy and fuels me. So I'm slowly coming out of hibernation. Shayna went for the first bike ride of the season last weekend, with rubber boots and mitts on of course.

I also started a new BPS class, Picture Spring. Registration is open until April 7. It's 30 days of email prompts. I was a little worried that it would be all about going outdoors and well, our spring is not here yet. If those types of prompts appear I'll just improvise or save them for spring really does arrive here.

The girls dyed eggs last night. Got a flat of 5 dozen at Costco. The oldest is studying the Ukraine in social studies and I lined up a local lady to come into their classroom and help make Ukraine Eggs (Pysanky). The girls did them a few years ago with this lady. Makes Baba happy that the girls are carrying on a bit of their heritage. The Ukrainian eggs are so much better because they take so long to do one egg. Versus just dip, dip, are there more eggs to dye?

Happy Easter everyone! I can't wait until morning the girls have been whispering and scheming a surprise for Terence and I, can't wait to see what they've cooked up.


  1. gorgeous photos-- especially that first one-- it's stunning!!

  2. Lovely photos. Hopped on over from Picture Sping. Hope you are enjoying the class. Tam http:/