Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Merry March-mas

In like a lamb...out like a lion!
Merry Christmas? Merry March-mas? No it's spring time in northern Alberta!
Sunday it started snowing, it hasn't stopped and it will continue for a few more days. We haven't had snow since the beginning of January. Our neighbours yard was completely free of snow. Ours was half gone. Snowfall warning in effect. On the plus side it's only -9C and it's light out until 8pm! The Christmas lights are still up and plugged in - I'm flicking them on tonight.

Alot of the blogs I'm reading are talking about flowers blooming and trees budding. Real spring. Sigh. At least it won't last long. It's not like when we get snow in October and we know that it will last for six or seven more months. In about 9 weeks we will be able to buying bedding plants and plant gardens.


  1. No blossoms yet in Beijing either, but then our snow has already melted. At least you are spared the horrible sandstorms and the awful wind. Hope it warms up there soon! : ) Margie

  2. The weather this time of year is SO unpredictable! Wonderful shots, though. ;)

    (Just stopping by from Picture Spring class.)

  3. We have no snow left on the ground(YAY!), but we certainly don't have the flowers blooming yet either in Calgary!
    Gorgeous pics! Happy Easter!