Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MIA with a good reason

I'm back! Our family was gone to Cuba for 10 days! We went for a wedding of a friend. There were 60 in the group. We enjoyed a break from the snow (which is getting close to gone now) and enjoyed the fun in the sun!

Good bye snow!
We flew 6 hours from Calgary to Varadero. But our journey started north of that, the day before with a first flight.
Running on the beach...what could be better in the winter?
Got to go in a pool with dolphins. She kissed each of us and we then had a family shot taken with her. SO ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Today is St Patrick's Day. We won't have much of a celebration tonight, as Wednesday is our night we are not home. Kira has piano, then I work Weight Watchers. Anyway, last year I told the girls to leave the kitchen and I made a green feast. We had green waffles, milk for them green tea for me, cupcakes and icing. Here's the layout I made.

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