Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you display your pictures?

A thread on the LOM message board got me thinking. Someone asked if you display pictures you've taken in your home? My answer YES! That's all I have in my home. I love photos, not art and I love the hunt for my next favourite photos. I took pictures, of my pictures to share. I have more that I need to hang up downstairs, that were once upstairs. I would love to have more displayed. Where? I don't know I'm running out of wall space! Anyhoo, enjoy and be inpsired. I have 2 new frames that are going above the chair in the living room. I wanted to still frame a few Disneyland pictures for the girls' rooms. I want to use a curtain rod and lcips to hang up some scrap layouts in my scrap area.

Living room: 3 scenery pictures above my couch. The annual picture of my girls, below a sofa table with lots of framed pictures. Underneath are my Library of Memories albums (plus a few others). End table has an easel with my latest layouts on it (lots right now since I'm doing LOAD), a new mini book I just made and a digital photo frame (my sister just got me for my birthday). The bench sits under the window, it houses my pre-LOM scrapbooks, mini books and photo album scrapbooks.

Newly renovated bathroom. I fell in love with this shelf and bought it a few years ago, but wasn't sure where I wanted to put it. The shelf holds 4 photos, then I framed 3 flower photos above it. It makes the perfect spot to hang towels. The family actually hooks their towels up, versus folding them over a towel bar. The other photo is above the toilet.

The view from my kitchen counter. Of course the fridge has to have photos on it too.

A bunny in my daughter's room. Yes he's sticking his tongue out. A 'Mom' frame in my room.

In between the dining area and kitchen. My favourite spot in the whole world (that I've been too). Lac Beauvert, Jasper National Park

The 'gallery' in my office (yes one picture is crooked, but I'll get to fixing it, eventually)

I'm still working on getting my posts here, formatted the way I want. It still seems a little wonky. What I see when composing my post is not exactly what I see once I publish, after I've played around trying to get the pictures perfect and spaced just right.


  1. I love your idea of displaying your most recent layouts! I am going to have to use it!! It's always so sad to just stick them in an album right after they're finished. This way everyone can admire them for a while :)

  2. You inspire me to showcase more photos in my home...my walls are empty compared ot yours! Love the photo collage walls especially!

  3. Forgot to ask...where did you get the shelf with the space for photos? Love it!

  4. So tickled I stumbled into this blog and you! I was just trying to figure out how to send a note to a specific person on the LOM boards.Great to know you have this great blog and are encouraging the rest of us LOMers.!! Love it. It'd be fun to crop and chat!! Lisa Howells