Saturday, February 6, 2010


The girls are making Valentines for their classmates today. There are 23 in grade 1/2 for Shayna to make. 17 in grade 3/4 for Kira to make plus 4 for her music class. Plus teachers. I posted on Facebook that we were making Valentine's today and posted the picture. Then got the comment "oh, you're literally making Valentines" Yup we are. Shayna got all hers done. Tomorrow she wants to do some for family and some TA's etc at the school.

Outside today was the breathtaking hoar frost. Then the blue skies came out and the thick frost fell off. So gorgeous while it lasts. The view from my living room window with the blue skies. The other photo is from my kitchen window. Yes we live in town, can't you see the neighbours houses? No and it's even better when the leaves are out on the trees. But it doesn't really matter because we have great neighbours, all older and quiet. -17C (1F) with a -23C (-9F)windchill. Not to bad, at least the sun was shining and the days are getting longer! Sunrise 8:45am sunset 5:45pm. I need sunlight. Can't wait until the summer when it's light until after midnight and the sun rises at 3 or 4 am -- not really sure I'm not up that early. I'm so not an early bird. Love my sleep wayyyy to much. That's what is happening around here today.


  1. Hi Tracy!
    Those photos look COLD but beautiful! : )

  2. Beautiful photos & my daughter is also making her own Valentines. She got about half done this weekend.

  3. how great that they are creating their own!!!! i love that :)