Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My first blog post

Hello there blog land! I resisted starting a blog for a while. Just thought it would be one more reason to be on the computer and not doing my work. But I have taken the plunge.
This blog will be used to talk about my main hobbies: photography & scrapbooking. My passion for travelling. My everyday life here in small village Alberta. My 2 daughters, husband, 2 cats that live here. Maybe my complaints about working from home for the oilfield company we own. Definitely some (alot) of complaining about the winter weather, but for a few short months in the summer I will be very happy to see the green grass and leaves.

I have always loved photography. I started scrapbookingn in 2001, was a strictly chronological scrapper. Then in 2007 I discovered the wonderful online community at Big Picture Scrapbooking, while taking Stacy Julian's Library of Memories (LOM) class. I just love my new system. I live less than 60 minutes from the city, where there is a Michael's and a few local scrapbook stores and Costco for getting my pictures printed.

I was born and raised in the area I'm still living in. My mom and dad live 20 minutes away from us on their farm. My sister, husband, 2 daughters live 5 minutes away in the next small town. My Baba & Grandpa live in the same town. My mother, father, sister, brother in law all live in the same town as us. I love having our family so close, which is the only reason we live here and not somewhere with less winter. In laws to babysit after school. My mom takes the girls quite often for sleepovers. We go there every Saturday.
Anyway, just a short introduction for now. Over time you'll learn all about me...whether you want to or not. I guess if you don't want you don't have to read, but please do. Feel free to leave comments or questions.

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