Friday, July 9, 2010

Style and story telling

What is your style? What is my style/ My style is a bit of everything. If you check out my Flickr gallery you'll see I done everything from clean and simple to paint to glitter. I love Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Stacy Julian, May Flaum, style. They are all different and I love to incorporate them all. I enjoy Donna Downey's artistic style. I have come to realize though that I really like the story + photos philosophy. I have tons of 'stuff' but I'm starting to like less and less stuff on pages. I love all the cool techniques but don't like to take the time to do them on layouts. My solution is that I'm starting an art journal, inspired by Donna's inspiration Wednesday videos. This way I can have fun, play and get messy but not do it on my pages.

On an episode of Paperclipping Roundtable they were talking about how to incorporate vintage style onto your pages. Ali commented that her style is more documentation. She is the one who really has When she said the word documentation it really struck a cord with me. That's what I'm doing now, documenting my life. Telling our stories. Yes I do love to bling it up, but I don't spend alot of time on style anymore. First I focus on putting the photos and the story down on the page, then I add some embellishments.

I'm enjoying telling our everyday stories. For events I'm trying to focus on deeper stories and traditions. Versus the 'good time was had by all' kind of captions. I love Ali's Week in the Life series and Daily December. I did a 30 Days Hath September album in a Stacy J class almost 2 years ago. Looking back at it now it is so cool to see what was happening in our lives, the bits of memorabilia that are tucked into it. I've also used a tally sheet to keep track of things we do in May. Inspired by Stacy's Everyday May album, that I didn't keep up with. I made a tally sheet of how many loads of laundry I did, dishwasher, kilometers driven, jugs of milk bought. I have yet to do anything with these but I will document my tallies on a page.

Speaking of everyday story telling Cathy is re-running her Me: the Abridged Version (MeTAV for short) this was an amazing class!! I am taking it again because I wanted to do more entries but didn't do double pages. This time I'd like to do an all digital album and get it printed by Shutterfly, I think that would be cool. I bought Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life book which is what Cathy's class is based on. I loved the random blathering of things that were in this book. What a glimpse into this lady's life. Random things from today and her childhood, things she loved and things that bug her. An eclectic collection of snippets of life.

Anyway, don't know if the last two posts have made any sense, but they are just some random rambling thoughts I've had.

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  1. Your posts absolutely do make sense and mirror my thoughts almost exactly. I let my creative side run wild when I make cards, but my scrapbook layouts are focused on photos+words, as Ali emphasizes. Not that I don't love the bling, but in moderation. I also did Stacy's 30 Days Hath September and love that album. Looking forward to seeing more of your layouts!